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Adding Video: Live Performance Helps Match Musicians

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Adding video to your BandMix profile is one of the most important ways to showcase your talents to other local musicians. If you’re looking to join a band or are seeking bandmates, a short live performance will show evidence of your skills, and other members viewing your profile will be able to tell if you’re a good musical fit. 

BandMix video uploads work via YouTube, which is the most popular video-sharing method – plus, being a musician on YouTube can only help. So we’ve put together some tips for creating great video content and also show you how to add a video to your BandMix profile.

Tips For Creating Great Videos

Nowadays, we can do so much with technology in our pockets. Smartphones are quickly becoming more advanced with the things they can do and, in some cases, can rival the more expensive technology and equipment. We’ve put together a few tips on creating great videos without having to buy anything too fancy.

Where To Shoot

Depending on the nature of your video content, you can be the judge of where is best to film. But think about how best to control the quality of your footage. If you’re recording a live performance video of yourself, you may want to utilize your home recording space or a friend’s studio to capture the best audio. Otherwise, try out a few different rooms or locations and compare which area has the best acoustics, a nice amount of natural light, and the best overall filming conditions.


If you’re using your smartphone, try out its different cameras. Back cameras tend to capture better quality than front selfie cameras. Study your perspective as well – some phone camera settings have different video options, such as a wide-angle. Take some time to set up your camera right, and your footage will be better off for it.


Consider the natural light available to you when recording your video. Whether indoors or outdoors, having your frame lit up well can be the difference between an amateur-looking video and a more professional one. If you’re adding artificial light, play around with the direction and give thought to where shadows may fall.


Assess the background where you’ll shoot your video and set the scene a little. Is it appropriate and relevant to your content? A busy background may distract from your music. However, an audience might get bored watching your video if it’s just one shot against a plain background.


If you’re one of those people who has stacked up a pile of boxes, books, and random objects as a camera stand, you no longer need to be that person. Tripods and phone holders are so cheap nowadays and are so worth investing in to prevent shaky footage. Keeping your camera still during shooting will make your videos look so much more professional.


Most smartphones are quite good at capturing decent sound but think of what audio you’re recording and how that will affect your phone mic. If you’re trying to capture a heavy rock song on drums, your mic may compress the sound or distort it in playback, so consider how else you could record the audio to add to your video (external audio mics could be handy, in this case). Otherwise, make sure your audio is clear and at an acceptable volume to be heard.


Whether you’re filming a music video or a live performance video, you may need to do some editing. Most in-built computer or mobile editing suites are simple enough to use for trimming, adding text, transitions, and filters. Play to your strengths, too – if you’re not that great at editing, keep your video ideas simple.

How To Add Video To Your BandMix Profile

  • BandMix only hosts videos via YouTube, so you’ll have to make a YouTube account and upload the videos there before you can add them to your BandMix profile.
  • Login to your Bandmix account and select ‘Video’ from your dashboard.
  • Next, you’ll need to copy your video URL from your YouTube video page and paste it into the URL box. 
  • Simply add a video title and check the ‘yes’ box on ‘display’ if you want your video to be seen by others. 
  • Click ‘Submit,’ and you’re done!

For any more help with adding video to your profile, feel free to ask our support team or head over to our FAQ’s:

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