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Basic Guidelines for Writing a Press Release

by | Master Your Craft, Musician Marketing

A Press Release needs to be newsworthy. It should be important news that grabs the attention of the reading public. Even though you want your press release to lead to more fans, it should not be your focus. The press release’s primary purpose is to deliver a newsworthy story about your band to the readers.

The Headline needs to be in bold font to catch the reader’s attention. Simplicity and creativity are essential; this can differentiate music lovers skimming the release or reading the release. The Headline should summarize the information in the press release but in an exciting and dynamic way. The Headline should be centered and in bold.

Do not submit just background information. Don’t write an advertisement. If it turns out like an advertisement, rewrite it.

Choose an authentic angle to present your press release.

New music is released every day. The public needs to know what makes your music worth listening to. What is different about your music? Whatever differentiates your music from the rest of the music industry, keep it exciting and to the point.

The body of the press release should provide further details about your event. Uniqueness grabs readers’ attention. The press release needs to stay in a positive perspective because it can significantly influence music lovers’ opinions. Use quotes to gain credibility. Use band members and those who are associated with the band for quotes. However, you must gain permission first. The press release should be no longer than one page; otherwise, you run the risk of losing the reader’s attention.

A good press release answers these five questions






Who are you trying to reach?

To write an effective press release, you must know your target audience. It is imperative to target the media when you are writing your press release. Journalists will often use a press release as source material for a fuller feature. The journalist is not someone to be initially targeted to listen to or buy your music. A journalist is looking for news to fill a need. You need to target media that will ensure maximum impact.

Things to Avoid

Embellishment and stories which sound far-fetched. This can damage your credibility.

Hype!!! The exclamation point (!) is your enemy. Credibility can be damaged if you use lots of hype (

Avoid clichés, redundancy, and flowery language.

Avoid the passive voice. Always use Active Voice.

Press Release Presentation:

The Headline Should be Written in Title Case. This means that each word’s beginning letter should be capitalized except for words of three letters or less. Do not end titles with periods.

Use mixed-case letters; otherwise, your press release is likely to be overlooked.

Correct Grammar is essential. If there are too many errors in your release, editors will reject it.

Include a summary paragraph. Make sure this paragraph does not repeat previously stated information.

Do not use logos or trademark names unless you have permission to do so.

Include your contact details

  • Name
  • Role (if not a band member)
  • Web Address
  • Street Address (optional)
  • Telephone (optional)
  • * Include any necessary information for liability reasons

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