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How Being In A Band Can Change Your Life

by | Master Your Craft

Being in a band is always a learning curve, and especially if you’re in it for the long-run, it can change your lifestyle dramatically. There are quite a few negative impacts that can take their toll. However, there is also a heap of positive effects resulting from life in a band. 

BandMix is designed to connect musicians and start bands, so we thought we’d talk you through how being in a band changes your life for the better (and otherwise!):

Positive Impacts

Meeting new people

When you’re gigging, rehearsing, touring, and going to see other bands play live, you’re bound to bump into new people. Being in a band is a chance to meet other like-minded musicians and industry individuals, and you’ll become part of a community. Many musos who have been in bands together become friends for life and often feel like family.

Learning your craft

Regular band practices mean that you’ll always be working on your craft and improving day-by-day. Not just that, but you’ll absorb new knowledge about other elements of music as well. 

Musical expression

Sometimes it’s hard to put feelings into words, and so, by playing music regularly, you can express yourself while playing music that you love.

Mental health

Some musicians see playing and writing music as a cheap form of therapy. Somehow, music has healing abilities and can be very cathartic and lift your overall mood. Magic!


If you’re usually quite shy, being part of a band can give you confidence. In addition to getting on stage and performing, you’ll feel more confident that you’re not going it alone.

Learn to take criticism

Let’s face it; the music industry is a dog-eat-dog world. Every band receives criticism at some point, so you’ll learn how to take those negatives and spin them into something constructive. A learning curve, if you will!


By being in an active band, you’ll naturally set long-term goals and find the drive to make them happen. Having motivation and an ability to look ahead will always positively impact your life and may mean you strive for a more meaningful music career because of it.


You and your bandmates will become a close-knit group, as you’ll experience all of the highs and lows of band life together. You’ll learn how to work as a team, how to use each other’s strengths, and you’ll be there to pick each other up when they’re struggling. 

Other life skills

Band experience will teach you many other transferable life skills, such as timekeeping, loyalty, friendship, and supporting one another. These small things might make a massive difference to your life outside of the band, too!

Career aspirations

As much as we’re told music is a hobby or a side-gig, many do become professional musicians for a living. Hoorah!

Negative Impacts

Late nights

Being part of a band is usually a nocturnal game. You’ll be gigging late into the night and maybe rehearsing in the evenings too. If you’re a touring band, you’ll get used to being away from home for long periods – you’ll be gigging until late and then getting up early the next day to travel, so say goodbye to sleep! Your leisure time and social life outside of music will be considerably cut back if you decide to join a band.


Being a musician can seem like a lot of work in return for not a lot of financial gain, and any money you do make will most likely be pumped back into the band. Band life is addictive, so you’ll want to spend some money upgrading your gear and investing in merch to up your game. 

Independent band roles

The roles that independent bands take on have considerably broadened. DIY-level groups are now expected to juggle social media, marketing, PR, graphic design, gig booking, tour management, merch, admin…the list goes on. Many musicians find it tiring to handle all of the different aspects of being an indie band and realize that it takes so much time away from the music, therefore having a negative impact on you and your bandmates’ lives.

The public eye

If you’re in a band of a certain level, you may find that you’re in the public eye. This can be huge pressure on the band and take its toll on your life outside of music. Nowadays, you also have to be very careful what you post on social media as so many things are misinterpreted and blown up in the press. This kind of media attention is detrimental to some musicians’ mental health and their band’s survival.

Lack of time

So many musicians join bands and very quickly realize how much it eats into their time. Especially if you’re juggling other careers, side jobs, and a family, for example, it can be challenging to manage your time once the band bug has bitten you! In this case, wave goodbye to lazy weekends and free time spent with your buddies.

It’s not glamorous

Being in a band takes a lot of hard work, determination and is not at all glamorous. Most nights, it will involve lugging heavy equipment around, getting sweaty at a show, climbing into your band van, and then sleeping in a substandard motel. It’s not as rock’n’roll as you first thought!

Now, don’t let the negatives put you off, because we know from experience that being in a band can be one of the best adventures of your life! If you’re looking to join a band or searching for musos to complete your line-up, head over to to connect with other musicians and find musical opportunities in your area.

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