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Ideas For Naming Your New Album

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Whether you’re just getting the ball rolling with record ideas or you’ve got a fully recorded album ready to go (or somewhere in between), one thing you’ll need is a title for it! You may have already written a long list of contenders, or your creative thinking may have dried up at the first hurdle. If this is the case, don’t panic! BandMix is here with some ideas to help you name your new album:

Named after a track

One of the most common ways of naming an album is to choose your favorite track, a song that might be considered a hit, or your first single from the album. This will then become the ‘title track,’ so it should have a lot of meaning for you and the album as a whole.

Lyrics from a track

Often, bands and artists take a phrase or lyric from one of their album songs with a central message or meaning. 

A theme/message

Have you got a specific theme, message, or subject matter that runs through the entire record like a concept album? If so, consider creating an album name that encapsulates this feeling or message so that listeners can identify it with ease.


Many bands and artists opt for an album named after their band name. For many, this tends to be a debut record or release as a way of introducing themselves, but this isn’t always the case. If your album sums you up as a band, the self-titled method is a simple yet effective one.

Album inspiration

Did a particular person or place inspire the album, or perhaps something happened that led to the album being made? Including this in the title would be a clever way of revealing your initial inspiration for the music.

Written and recorded

Where did you write the songs? Was the album recorded somewhere that you could mention? An excellent example of this is ‘Abbey Road’ by The Beatles, recorded at Abbey Road Studios. If you wrote the album in India, recorded it in the UK, and are now planning on a US tour, that could be a unique selling point to bring to the album title in some way. Also, utilize anything notable about the recording process, like if you recorded in an experimental way or if an interesting event happened when you were there.

Artwork inspired

You may already have an album cover in mind. If this is the case, bring your album artwork to the forefront and think of some titles using what you see. Tying in your title with visuals is always helpful to create a cohesive product.

Links to other releases

Will your album link to any other releases? For example, you could be planning on releasing two albums that connect somehow or a trio of EP’s. If you have this in mind, it’s worth thinking about linking the titles or having a theme that eludes to more releases in the future, such as Led Zeppelin’s albums I, II & III.

Change it up

Consider the creative ways in which you could change your album title ideas to be unique. How about having it in all lower-case letters or capitals, taking out the spaces, or adding punctuations or accents? Would it look good if you reversed the title? Think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

If you’re still stuck, here are some quick, creative ideas to get the ball rolling on your album name:

  • Where did you hold band practice when rehearsing for the album?
  • How did the band meet, and is there something that connects you all somehow?
  • Think of the imagery your music and lyrics create
  • Is there a book, poem, film, or quote that you were particularly inspired by at the time?
  • What music did you listen to around the time of writing and recording the album? Is there an artist or another band’s song title you could reference?
  • Take a look at some of your favorite records and figure out why they were titled that way.
  • Have you come up with a title idea of one short word, or is it a long-phrase? Experimenting with title length may give you a lightbulb moment.
  • Did you have any sayings or inside jokes when recording the album together?
  • Try out an online album name generator to give you a few initial ideas.
  • If you’ve got a few choices and are unsure of which to pick, sit the names side by side with your band name to see which fits best aesthetically.
  • Think of any merch ideas you might have to promote the album and see what designs you could be inspired to create with any of your chosen names.
  • Consider what makes you unique as a band and what makes your album stand out from everyone else’s.
  • Ask your fans for some name ideas.
  • Get your friends and family to listen to your album and give you a list of their title ideas.
  • If you could say something to your listeners before listening to your album, what would it be? Including this in the title is a sure-fire way of getting that information to them quickly.

After all, remember that everyone in the band needs to be happy with the name and be sure that it’s in keeping with your vision as an artist. Decide on an album name that you’re proud of, as you’ll spend the next six months trying to promote it and the rest of your career referring back to it!

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