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Premier Membership Delivers for Musicians

by | BandMix 101

We know how tough it is to make money as a musician. We’ve been there! That’s why we keep free accounts open to members on BandMix, including free response to all messages. However, we do think it’s worth subscribing if you’re a musician looking to join a band or create one from scratch. All plans are crazy cheap to join. Plus, the longer the plan you opt for, the cheaper per month it will become. As well as making a living for ourselves, a lot of the BandMix subscription funds are pumped back into helping the site gain high traffic, and we’ll always be looking at ways to improve our features and service. Here are the benefits that Premier membership brings and more information on our pricing.

Benefits of being a Premier member on BandMix

  • 500MB Media Storage – this is five times the amount of storage you get with the free account, so you’ll never have to choose which song or video of yours to delete.
  • 50 Images – you’ll be able to add up to 50 images to your gallery, and the more photos you provide, the stronger your profile will look.
  • Send New Messages – you can openly contact any other members right away, so there are no restrictions when you’re trying to connect with local musicians.
  • Digital Auditions – this feature is super helpful if you’re seeking a musician, as BandMix can reach up to 100 relevant musicians that fit your criteria at the click of a button. A huge timesaver.
  • Top Placement in Search Results – when other members search for local musicians, you’ll place as a top search result, meaning you’re more likely to get profile views and messages.
  • Promotion on BandMix Homepage – we promote our Premier members on the featured artist section’s front page.
  • Ad-Free Browsing – no longer will you have ads cluttering up your screen so that you can browse without any hassles.


Currently, the pricing for a premier membership is $12.95 for one month, $33.95 for three months, or $99.95 for one year (which works out at just $8.33/month). The annual membership is heavily discounted and is perfect for those who use our service regularly. We do also offer seasonal coupons, so watch out for those!

BandMix Elite

Loving your Premier membership and want to go one step further? Our Elite membership is an add-on to the Premier membership and offers:

– A massive 1000MB of media storage space

– A professional musician website: a custom website with a www. domain name via the website builder Bandvista

– A message tracking system, so you can see who has read the messages you’ve sent

– A private browsing mode, enabling you to browse profiles with no information shared

– Create more Digital Auditions, so you can find musicians that match your criteria most quickly and efficiently possible

These features are hugely beneficial for your BandMix profile and beyond! In addition to the Premier rate, the pricing is currently $4.95 for one month, $9.00 for three months, or $40.00 for one year.

Gift Card Option

If you’re a musician and you can’t quite afford to purchase a Premier membership just yet, why not ask your family or friends for a gift card? It’s one of the best ways they can support you as a musician, so perhaps put a BandMix gift card on your next birthday or Christmas list. The gift card payment option can be accessed here: 

Now you know all there is to know about Premier membership, head on over to your BandMix account and select ‘Upgrade’ from the red bar at the top of the page. 

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