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The Importance of a Profile Picture

by | BandMix 101

What makes a good BandMix profile, you ask? Well, we’re here to talk you through what makes a great photo and how a profile picture will improve your BandMix profile. 

The Importance of a Profile Picture

Adding a decent photo to your profile is one of the easiest things you can do to gain views and contacts. Users are more likely to click on your profile and ultimately make contact when they see it in search results and weekly match mailers. BandMix does preference those with images as part of its ranking, so the all-important photo is a free way to see more interaction on your BandMix profile. Any shot of you works but in this post we’ll go over ways to share your best look.  

How To Make a Great Profile Photo

Anyone can take a good photo nowadays, especially if you have a smartphone. Here are a few tips on how to improve the quality of your photos:

  • Focus: It’s easy to tap on your screen to focus on a subject, so make sure you utilize this to ensure you’re in perfect focus in your chosen images. Also, beware that most phones have an auto-focus feature that can be disabled in your camera settings. Perhaps have a play around with and without this. 
  • Angle: Rather than a boring head-on shot, be inventive! Try different angles and perspectives to get an edgier and more creative photo.
  • Lighting: Having the subject lit up well can do the world of good for your photo quality. If you’re indoors, think about setting up a couple of lamps, or a selfie ring light could come in handy – you don’t need any particularly fancy equipment for this. If you’re outdoors, consider your outside space’s brightness and be aware that natural light may have a better outcome than artificial light. You can always change brightness in editing if need be.
  • Quality: With most smartphones nowadays offering cameras with at least 12MP, you probably don’t need to worry too much about the pixel quality and resolution. It might be worth considering that back cameras offer more megapixels than front cameras, although the quality of this is steadily increasing too.
  • Background: Think about where you’re taking your photos and if it’s relevant. A bustling backdrop might take away from the focus of your subject, but a shot against a bare black wall might be boring. Weigh up your look and image as a musician and try and gather what aesthetic you want from the shot.
  • Framing/Alignment: Making sure your subject is in the center of the image will help you be seen best when you upload your photo, as your thumbnail will be displayed as a square on BandMix. You can also use the gridlines option to align your shot better.
  • Personality: selecting a profile picture that is an accurate representation of you and your personality is always best. 
  • Recruit Some Help: If you’re not that great at taking photos yourself or you’re struggling to be both photographer and subject, you might want to recruit a friend to help you get some better images.
  • Editing: The editing stage can also be vital in helping you achieve your desired image quality. Most smartphones have integrated editing technology to adjust brightness, cropping, contrast, exposure, saturation, and filters. There are also many apps available to download which have more complicated photo editing settings. Still, you won’t necessarily need to use all of these. Capturing a decent image with your smartphone and touching it up a little is all you need to get a strong profile picture.

How To Add A Profile Picture to BandMix

  • Double-check that your photos are in JPEG format before you start (this is the recommended format for BandMix). Most smartphones conform to this, but if you need to convert to JPEG, there are heaps of free image converters online.
  • Login to your BandMix account and click ‘Photos’ from your dashboard.
  • Drag and drop your JPEG image and click to upload.
  • To set this as your profile picture, select ‘Set As Main.’
  • As a free member, you can upload up to 10 photos to your account – you can always upgrade to a Premier or Elite membership if you wish to upload more.
  • If you need more guidance, head over to our FAQ’s to watch our video on how to upload a profile picture to BandMix: 

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