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Upload Audio and Showcase Your Talents

by | BandMix 101

As a musician looking to join a band, the music should come first. There’s no better way to improve your BandMix profile’s quality than to upload audio and showcase your talents to prospective band members. Here are a few of our tips on recording better music from your home and how to upload it to Bandmix.

Tips For Recording Music At Home

If you’ve got a DIY setup or looking at creating a home studio, you may want to consider some of these ideas for improving sound quality. You don’t need to buy anything too fancy for this – as long as you have a piece of recording software, a few mics, and some good speakers, the rest is simple.

Room Treatment

Some basic acoustic treatment in your studio room will do the world of good for your recordings. Different parts of the space may trap or reverberate sound differently, so get some absorption fitted around your workspace – the side walls and ceiling especially. The room sound may determine where you position a vocal booth or acoustic instrument set up. Also, be aware of outside noise and look into some affordable soundproofing techniques.

Mic Placement

Whether you’re recording vocals or setting up an instrument mic, play around with your mic positioning. Listen closely to how the sound is changing when you move it around. Depending on the instrument or voice, it may take some trial and error and a bit of research to get the result you want, but keep at it!


Invest in a quality pair of headphones to hear a more accurate version of what you’re recording. Decent closed-back headphones will also prevent noise from bleeding into the microphones.


Keeping your instruments tuned up is a simple thing, but many musicians get so swept away with the recording process that they forget this simple step. Before you record a take, always spend a minute tuning – you can’t go back and fix instrument tuning issues afterward.

Take A Break

If you’ve been working long and hard on a track, make sure you take an ear break now and then. Coming back to something the next day or after a break will allow you to be more objective, and a fresh set of ears could pinpoint what you were struggling with.

Save Your Project

Another common mistake with DIY producing is saving the project often enough. Got a great take? Click Save. I changed some settings, and now everything sounds wonderful? Click Save. Also, make sure you backup your projects onto a hard drive every so often, in case your computer glitches out or breaks.


One of the easiest ways to get a polished sound to your tracks is by having them mastered. Mastering is a process that enhances your audio mix and prepares it ready for distribution and is an essential step of any professionally made music. BandMix offers an online mastering service for a fee, which can be found here: or in the Music section of your account. 

And if you haven’t got a home recording setup, don’t fret – perhaps you could use BandMix to connect with local musicians who are producers and who already have a studio set up nearby.

How To Upload Audio To BandMix

  • You can either upload audio files straight to BandMix, or you can upload via Soundcloud.
  • To upload directly to BandMix, login to your BandMix account and select ‘Music’ from your dashboard.
  • Click ‘Upload Music’ and choose your audio files (alternatively, you can click ‘Soundcloud’ if you wish to upload there, or click ‘Mastering’ if you would like your audio tracks mastered). You can upload files up to 150MB in size, and any file format will be automatically converted to the formats we prefer.
  • Input some information about the track, such as title, album name, genre, etc.
  • Finally, select ‘Upload,’ and you’re done! 

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