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What Is Spotify for Artists? 

by | Master Your Craft

Spotify for Artists is a user integration service provided to artists, musicians, and bands. As you can imagine, a music streaming site like Spotify has an immense and ever-growing database updated every second. This data is used to build algorithms to provide listeners with the best possible user experience by keeping them linked with their favorite music while also offering suggestions for new songs, artists, or genres. Spotify for Artists allows you to register an artist profile that you can customize with their branding and photos. In this article, we will explain the ins-and-outs of Spotify for Artists, and we’ll also show you how to get yourself verified on the platform. 

Why do I need Spotify for Artists? 

Have you ever noticed the blue checkmark at the top of nearly every successful Spotify artists’ profile? If you’re an artist, songwriter, or manager, you’ll need to learn about this service to maximize your potential online engagement. Luckily, the authentication process for Spotify for Artists is straightforward and comes with a healthy handful of incentives and features to help you get the most out of your artist profile. 

Advantages of Spotify for Artists 

● Increased reach to new listeners – Spotify is always going to prioritize working with authenticated data. This means you have considerably higher chances of having your music find its way to new listeners if it comes from a verified profile. There may be a chance that you share the same artist name as someone else, which increases the importance of verification exponentially as you don’t want your music to land upon someone else’s profile. 

● Merch Sales – Spotify for Artists offers a few alternative means for you to generate income aside from streaming. One of these tools is a shop portal that allows you to sell any artist’s merchandise directly through the Spotify platform. Third-Party platforms like Merchbar have services that integrate with your Spotify Artist profile. This feature is one of the trickier to setup as access is relatively limited. The reward is definitely worth the effort as using this income can increase your revenue quite considerably. 

● Tip Jar – Touring makes up most artists’ income stream, but the recent global pandemic has put a stop to almost all forms of live performance events. To help artists compensate for the loss of income, Spotify created the Tip Jar, allowing listeners to pay money directly to various relief fund organizations that then get sent to registered artists in need. Spotify takes no commission or splits from these payments. If you’re an artist who has had to cancel or compromise live performance plans, this is a healthy route to making up some of your financial losses. 

● Artist’s Pick – This feature lets you select songs from your uploaded catalog to highlight at the top of your profile. You can use this tool to promote a new single or to boost listens to previously released songs. You can also select music from other Spotify Artist

profiles to promote on this feature, and this, in turn, will enhance your overall user engagement. 

● Pitch to Editors for Playlisting – Playlists are the central focus of the music streaming industry. Much like radio charts, getting your song on a significant playlist gains you valuable exposure as well as a much higher stream rate. Spotify Artists lets verified musicians pitch their music directly to playlist curators and editors for placement consideration. The more traction your verified has, the higher your chances of getting playlisted. 

● Access to Analytics – Your verified Spotify for users profile comes complete with a metrics feature. This gives you updated feedback on listener data for each of your musical releases. The service provides handy geographic and demographic information that you can utilize for future release campaigns, tour planning, or playlist pitching. 

● Songkick – Songkick is an online directory that gives users information on their favorite artists’ upcoming performances. This may be a live performance or online stream, and listeners can choose to be notified of any future dates you have planned through your Spotify Artist profile. 

● Spotify Canvas – Spotify Canvas lets users upload a looped video to use as a visualizer for their tracks. The loop can last up to 8 seconds and consist of animation or video footage of the artist’s choice. This feature gives your songs an extra aesthetic dynamic and can be useful for capturing new listeners’ attention. Currently, the service operates on an invitation-only basis, but you can sign up to join a list of potential invitees

How to verify yourself on Spotify for Artists 

There are two ways to ensure your artist verification on Spotify. Both are straightforward, with authentication taking just a few steps to complete. 

Method 1

1. Upload your music onto a music distribution site. This could be a service like Dittomusic, CDBaby, or any other Spotify-approved online music distributor. 

2. Once your music is uploaded on the distribution site, you’ll be able to select which music streaming services they get sent to. Make sure that you have Spotify checked in the list of services that you send your music to. 

3. Your music distribution site should offer you a Spotify Artist Verification service after your music has been sent off to the platform. Please use this service to verify your profile and integrate it with your personal or professional contact information. 

Method 2. 

1. Go onto the Spotify for Artists website. 

2. Search the name of your artist profile and click on the one that features your uploaded music. You will still have had to have your music uploaded and submitted through a distribution website. 

3. Your artist profile authentication may take a day or two to process fully. Once verified, you should be able to access your Spotify for Artists profile through the site portal.

It’s important to know that you can only customize your profile and use the tools mentioned earlier through the Spotify for Artists portal. The analytics on your streams also only apply exclusively to Spotify plays. Data for other streaming sites can be found on your distribution service’s account. 

Songwriters can set up a different account with Spotify to showcase songs they have written for other artists on their own Spotify Songwriter. This initiative allows songwriters to claim creative credit for any songs on another artist’s profile. 

Band managers can also opt to take control of one or more of their artist’s Spotify profiles so that their artists don’t have to deal with any content management themselves. You can assign a team of users to manage a single account or manage a roster of artists through one online portal. 

Tips for a strong Artist Profile. 

Once your Spotify For Artists account has been verified, you will still be tasked with consistent upkeep and refreshing your profile. Spotify can measure how frequently you use your verified profile and prioritize artists with the highest rate of effective online interaction through their service. Here are some tips to help you keep your Spotify active and up to standard. 

● Customize cover and profile photos – As with your social network profiles, or artist websites, you’ll want to brand your Spotify Artist profile with your banner and profile photos. Ensure that your uploaded images are in the correct dimensions, and try to set different images for your banner and profile photo. 

● Self-created playlists, artist’s pick – Sharing your music and music tastes with your listeners increases overall user interaction and will vastly increase your chances of getting playlisted. Try to update your Artist’s Pick with fresh content every two weeks, and create playlists that combine your tracks with similar artists’ music. 

● Create an authentic artist biography – The Artist profile features a Bio window that you can utilize to give users a short write-up on your music, personal story, and any other information you want to relay to your listeners. We recommend writing this bio from a 

first-person perspective and keeping your content as sincere as possible. ● Provide links to other social media sites – You can place links to your Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and other social media sites to keep your listeners engaged in the rest of your online content. Remember to provide links to your Spotify profile on all your social media sites, as well as any press releases, visual media, or personal websites. 

Final Thoughts. 

Having a verified Spotify for Artists account is undoubtedly necessary if you have any online streaming aspirations for your music. Quite many music listeners use Spotify to

connect with their favorite artists or discover new ones. We hope that this article showed you how quick and easy it is to set up and customize your Spotify for Artists profile.

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